About Us

Aero Line Facilities & Engineering is keep systems and equipment operating smoothly, as well as taking care of building and properties maintenance. ALFE handles electrical, mechanical, civil, and structural management which is provided by well trained and qualified engineers, technicians and charge man fit to operate high equipment.

ALFE undertakes fully the responsibility of planning, execution, control and monitoring of all tasks associated with the maintenance function through a single point of management contact.

Our Distributor Products

The lighting program is fully customizable by the user via the SunnAPP. The SunnaCORE guarantees a continuity of service even when the weather conditions are not favorable. Our patented electronic card controls the intensity of LEDs to store energy that will be used during periods of low solar irradiation.

Cities of all sizes become a playground for work at heights thanks to the van aerial platforms.These compact and ultra-mobile vehicles make it possible to quickly reach your place of intervention. Aerial platform on van are particularly recommended for the maintenance of telecom networks, the maintenance of public lighting or the installation of advertising posters. Their loading capacity also gives you the opportunity to carry with you your large, heavy equipment.

Maitrise Technologique is a french company  founded in 1989, specialized in design, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial electronic and IT systems devoted to roads and motorways emergency calls.

For nearly 20 years, our activity  has been focusing on  road and motorway traffic management and emergency calls networks.

With a 25 years job experience and in-depth knowledge in road and motorway traffic management systems, our management team offers professional solutions to all your road traffic management and monitoring problems, as well as to your safety concerns.

At Navtech Radar we develop industry-leading, high performance safety solutions. Whatever the situation, whatever the conditions, our tailored approach addresses all your requirements. All solutions are guaranteed to perform and are supported for life. With exceptional reliability, when it comes to safety, you can rely on us.